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Lad Bharol

Lad Bharol is a village in the tehsil of Chauntra in the Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh.

Lad Bharol is 22 km from Baijnath. Here is the famous Maa Simsa Mandir. Tehsil Lad Bharol is a beautiful place in Mandi district. It is surrounded by beautiful hills all around. Temples on the top hills all around show the beauty of tehsil Lad Bharol.

It has very famous temples, one is Sisu Datri Maa Simsa 7 km from Lad Bharol and one is Kudh Mahadev 2 km from Lad Bharol has gufa (cave) and natural Shivlings, a very peaceful and calm place. One more famous Shiv temple is Triveni Mahadev converging point of river Bias and Binwa Khad in ghatod place approximately 7 km from Lad Bharol. Water comes out from the earth middle of Binwa and Bias junction that is why it is known as Triveni Mahadev. All sides small hills and junction of rivers add beauty to Triveni Mahadev. As per the devotees and local people size of Shivling increasing every year.

City Bharol is surrounded with many villages. It has one degree college and HPBose affiliated privately managed schools. Among them very modern and populous school is Vishudha Public School, Lad Bharol situated in village Siun in the lap of nature. Vishudha public school has one more school run by SVNS society at Baijnath.