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Nilothi is a village in the tehsil of Bahadurgarh in the Jhajjar district of Haryana.

There are two high schools in the village, one for girls and one for boys. The people of the village are very simple and believe in hard working. Sports activities are carried out in schools in the evening. People believe in God and worship by Havan. Few Arya Samaj families are living in the village. Most popular name and families of Arya Samaj are Inder Singh Arya, Sh. Rohitash Shasti and family encouraged for Arya Samaj in the village. These two personalities are still remembered for their contribution in the village and society.

Nilothi village is in the district of Jhajjar, but unfortunate to say that there is no transport facilities to go to district headquarters from this village. Even you will not find the Haryana roadways buses on village road.

Now a days Haryana roadways buses and other vehicles are also available as transport system to go to Bahadurgarh and kaharkhoda town. Also one small river is flowing near the village to cultivate the crops.