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Khanda Kheri

Khanda Kheri is a village in the tehsil of Hansi-ii in the Hisar district of Haryana.

Late Ch. Mitter Sen Sindhu (social worker, famous businessman, and a good natured man) was also citizen of Khanda Kheri. Now his all (six) children are also attached to village Khanda Kheri and they contribute to this village and personnel work. All citizens of Khanda Kheri respect them.

Many citizens of Khanda Kheri are educated. IAS, IPS, first class officers belong to Khanda Kheri like K.K. Sindhu IPS and Jasbir Sindhu IAS. Famous bussinessman Ch.Mittersen Sindhu was also citizen of Khanda Kheri. Best CTO awardee of world Sh. Pardeep Sindhu is citizen of Khanda kheri. Captain Abhimanyu (Future of Haryana) also belongs to Khanda Kheri. There are many facilities for education, sports, water supply, health and vaternary hospital. A beautiful chopal also situated in village.