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Sanwar is a village in the tehsil of Dadri-i in the Bhiwani district of Haryana.

Sanwar is a native village of Bhiwani district. This village was founded by Raja Jagsi in 1260. Raja Jagsi's father was Raja Tohan Pal Singh and mother was Sarnga De. They came to Sanwar area from Delhi with their elders. First time, they came from Dhara Nagari (Ujjain) to Delhi and second time, Delhi to Rohtak and Bhiwani districts area. The main leader of this group was Raja Kalyan Singh ji. The area of seventy villages (in Rohtak and Bhiwani districts) was under Raja Kalyan Singh. The Baund Kalan village was founded by Raja Kirat Singh (Elder brother of Raja Jagsi ).

The names of kings were as follows: Raja Kalyan Singh, Raja Rav Rate, Raja Udai Singh, Raja Jagsi (this was the first king of Sanwar village. They created new rules for Rajput family.). The main rule of this village is that - Royal Rajput families married in a Royal Rajput family.

Sanwar village is a green valley in Dadri - I mandal in Bhiwani district in Haryana state. Sanwar is 12.6 km distance from Dadri mandal. Sanwar village is at the main route of Rohtak to Dadri. Now 12 generations people residing in Sanwar village. A village is a compact settlement of houses and bigger in size. The major factors in the type of settlement are location of water sources, organisation of agriculture and landholding, a common open area with green grass and pond around of village which is a part of a settlement. Water of rain is stocking in pond for cattle. Post office name is Sanwar. Boundries of seven villages meet at this village - Sanwar itself, Sanjarwas, Phogat, Saakrod, Hindol, Lamba and Kohlawas.

To reach this village there are lot of options depending where you coming from. There is bus service, taxi service, tempo service, tractor trolley and so on. Its easy to get to this village. What you need to do just go to Sanwar main bus stand or Sanwar main round - about and ask for district road where there is Sanwar village transport service run by. When you get there you will see a green colour private bus or some tempo or must be some jeep there for you to jump in. Catch anyone of them and then its easy for you to reach in this village because its just 21 kilometer from there. Its got a nice new built road going there with the view of fully green farms and few small villages on the way. Once you reach in Sanwar we have market in main bus stand of this village. There would be lot of people there someone would having shave, some of them would playing cards, some of them making jokes in group , some of them with their animals in village pond you will face a unique life style with busy and happy environment.

Baba Gulab Giri temple, Devi temple, Haveli of Dadu Panth ji, God temple in mid of village, Goga Peer ji temple, Sati Mata temple, Lord Shiva temple, Baba Saiyad ki mazar and many old Samadhies around of village are main religious places of our village.

Most of Hindu community live there. But people celebrate and get together in every festival held in our village. The festivals are - Holi, Dulhandi (festival of colour), Dipawali, Gobardhan, Haryali Teej, Janmastmi, Dashahara, Sankrat, New Year, Bhaiya duj, Makar sakranti, Shivratri, Navratre and time to time peoples arrange jagrata and ragni competition everyone join it. Cricket tournament, volleyball match, hockey match, kabbaddi match and the playing card games are also the part of people enjoyment.

Some fares are celebrated here and they are a major draw attended by buyers and sellers from all villagers and out side villages people. There is no well known tourist place in Sanwar, but this village is a tourist place of people been first time there because the way of living, way of farming, some old unique buildings.

There is no train service to this village, but it has many transport services available :- Bus Service, Tempo, three Wheeler, Jeeps, Tractor trolley, Taxi cab. Some buses are running directly to the following places: Narnaul, Mahendar garh, Dadri, Loharu, Bhiwani, Rohtak,Kalanaur, Gohana, Jhajjar, Gurgaon, Bahadur garh, Delhi, Ambala, Karnal, Kurukshetra. You can hire taxi from here for any place.

Other facilities are available in this village like hotels, tourist places, mini market (bazar), shopping complex of bus stand, hospital and dispensary, bank with ATM, telephone exchange, water pump house, marriage hall, schools and colleges, many ponds and mini forest (Bahhi) with long play ground. This village has a small bunch of shops. They keep the basic needs of life of the people in village. There are some shops near bus stand. It is called adda and some shops are mid of the village and it is called mini market (Bazar). There is dispensary, cycle and bike repair center, beer and wine shops, grocery shops, vegetables shops, milk dairy, hair salon, tent house,video and audio CD shop, mobile recharges and repair shop, vehicle washing shop and stationary shop.

Many boys and girls of this village are interested in computer education and English speaking courses. Government and private schools, colleges and computer centre are available here like Girl School, Senior Secondary School , Bal Shiksha Niketan High School, Vibha Public High School, Sun Rise High School, Hasit Computer Centre and Veer Abhimanyu Polytechnic College.

Famous person of this village is Raghubir Singh Chobarla. He was very respectable and openhearted person of this village. He was main leader of 32 Rajpoot khaap and he was selected as a chief person of Block Samiti and he fought election of M.L.A from Halka Mundhal.

Boxer Girwar Singh is the glory of this village. He made his international debut at the 1982 Asian Boxing Championship in Delhi and managed to grab a silver medal. Girwar Singh enjoyed a successful career as a boxer and representing India at the 1982 and 1984 Asian Games. He won the Gold Medal in first South Asian Game 1984 and Silver Medal in ninth Asian Game 1982.

Other famous people from this village include Brig M S Panwar Para, Col Magha Singh Panwar Armd, Col K YS Panwar Para, Col SSP Panwar INF, SDM Mukul Chauhan, Wrestling player Ankit Parmar won the Gold Medal in all India Sai hostel Wrestling Championship. Many Brave soldiers and brilliant peoples are in this village.