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Lohari Jattu

Lohari Jattu is a village in the tehsil of Bawani Khera in the Bhiwani district of Haryana.

There is a very famous Mandir of Shree Baba Jagannath. This village is located 13 km away from Bhiwani on Bhiwani-Hisar road. Mostly Rajputs and Brahmin live in this village. Recently Punjab National Bank set up a branch in this village. This is the only bank in the village. Seth Kirodimal was from this village. Seth Harnamdas, adopted son of Kirodimal built a big school in this village. Lohari Jattu is 12 km away from Bhiwani. There is Baba Sayat Mandir on Bhiwani road 1.5 km away from this village. Baba Gangaram Dham, a famous temple of Baniyas is located in this village. People come here from many parts of country like Kolkata, Delhi, Chattisgarh and Odisha.

There is a big government high school. There are many people from this village who are in high position such as I.A.S Shree K.C. Sharma, Karnal Gajraj, Shree Lt. Seth Kirorimal etc. There are many big temples in this village like Baba Jagannath, Baba Chotunath, and Baba Gangaram. There is a circular road surrounding this village. In sports there is best football team in this village. In this village there are about 32 castes living. Population is about 13,000. All festivals are celebrated grandly in this village. Agriculture is the main occupation.

There are many Haryanvi Ragni singers in this village. Some of them are Naresh Singh (singer), Ratipa Singh (singer), Narender Sharma (singer and benjo, harmoniyam, and matka player), Anil Singh (matka player), Vikram Singh (matka player), and Harkash Singh (play back singer).

The new Shiva temple is built on Mandhana road By Pt. Ramkumar, Sukhiram, Mangturam Kaushik Babliya family. New Durga temple is situated on Mandhana road nearby Deshraj ji ki Chakki built with the help of Great Phadha and Patiwar Pana's and all villegers.Mr RajKumar Kaushik science teacher provide his duty in Seth Harnam Dass GSSS, and Mr. Gajanand Bhardwaj service to Cooperative Bank, which belong to Phadha Pana of this village.