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Nandurbar District

Nandurbar is a district in the state of Maharashtra.

Nandurbar is a district in the Khandesh Region of Maharashtra. On 1 July 1998 Dhule was bifurcated as two separate districts now known as Dhule and Nandurbar. The district headquarters is located at Nandurbar city. The district occupies an area of 5035 sq km and has a population of 1,311,709 as of 2001.

Nandurbar district is surrounded on the south and south-east by Dhule district, to the west and north is the state of Gujarat, to the north and north-east is the state of Madhya Pradesh. The northern boundary of the district is defined by Narmada river.

The district comprises six talukas namely Akkalkuwa, Akrani Mahal (also called Dhadgaon), Taloda, Shahada, Nandurbar and Navapur. There is one Lok Sabha constituency in the district which is Nandurbar (ST). There are four Assembly seats namely Akkalkuwa (ST), Shahada (ST), Nandurbar (ST), and Nawapur (ST).

Sakri (ST) and Shirpur (ST) assembly seats from Dhule district are also part of Nandurbar Lok Sabha seat. Nandurbar is primarily a tribal (Adiwasi) district.