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Dhule District

Dhule is a district in the state of Maharashtra.

Dhule district is a district in the Nashik division of Maharashtra state. The city of Dhule is the administrative headquarters of the district. The Dhule district previously comprised tracts of land predominantly inhabited by tribal population. The Dhule district was then bifurcated on 1 July 1998 into two separate districts now known as Dhule and Nandurbar, the latter comprising the tribal region.

Agriculture remains the basic profession of the population in this district. Most parts of the district are not under irrigation and thus cultivation heavily depends on regular Monsoon or rain water. Majority of the population in the rural area speaks Ahirani (a dialect of Marathi) language, however Marathi is more widely spoken in the urban areas. The Dhule District is a part of Maharashtra's historical region of Khandesh.

The district is divided into two sub-divisions and four talukas. Dhule and Sakri talukas are part of Dhule sub-division while Sindkheda and Shirpur talukas are part of Shirpur sub-division.

After 2002 delimitation, there is one Lok Sabha constituency in the district which is Dhule Lok Sabha comprising the six Maharashtra Assembly constituencies of Dhule Rural, Dhule City, Sindkheda from Dhule district, and Malegaon Outer, Malegaon City and Baglan (ST) from Nashik district. There are five Maharashtra State Assembly seats namely Dhule Rural, Dhule City, Sindkheda, Sakri (ST) and Shirpur (ST). Sakri (ST) and Shirpur (ST) assembly seats from Dhule district are the part of Nandurbar Lok Sabha seat.

Talukas in Dhule