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Buldhana District

Buldhana is a district in the state of Maharashtra.

Buldhana district is a district in the Amravati division of Maharashtra state. It is situated at the westernmost border of Vidarbha region of Maharashtra and is 500 km from the state capital, Mumbai. It is bordered by Madhya Pradesh on the north, Akola, Washim, and Amravati districts on the east, Jalna district on the south, and Jalgaon and Aurangabad districts on the west

The district has one seat to the Lok Sabha (Lower House), namely Buldhana (Lok Sabha constituency). The district has seven seats in the Maharashtra State legislature assembly namely Buldhana, Chikhli, Sindhkhe Raja, Mehkar, Khamgaon, and Jalgoan Jamod. The seventh seat at Malkapur is part of Raver (Lok Sabha constituency) in Jalgaon district.

Lonar crater lake is located in Buldhana district. It is the second largest impact crater in basaltic rock in the world. It was formed 60,000 years ago by a meteor impact. The crater is The pH of the water is about 11 (extremely alkaline). Lonar Crater has very different flora and fauna in its vicinity.