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Mithaura is a village in the tehsil of Paniyara in the Maharajganj district of Uttar Pradesh.

Mithaura is a village situated near the Paniyara Bazar. There is a forest and green fields. This village is divided into seven parts. They are Nahar tola, Uditpurva, Badaka Tola, Purab Tola, Bargadhiya, Hartoliya and Gaganhi. There are two schools and a big chauraha. Mithaura is known as their cricket team the Mithaura team is champion in the area. They won many titles in day and night cricket match. Team members of the cricket team include Pramod Sahani, Anil Sahani, Vinod Sahani, Dharmendra Sahani, Jalandhar Sahani (Kekada), Simmendra, Deepchand, Ravi Chauhan, Jitendra, Suresh Charsi,
and Mohan Dhaku. Mithaura is a progressive village. There are primary schools and madhymik school. There are three temples and two masjids in this village.