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Jhajjar District

Jhajjar is a district in the state of Haryana.

Jhajjar district is one of the districts of the state of Haryana with its headquarters at Jhajjar town. Jhajjar town at a distance of about 65 km from Delhi. Other towns in the district are Bahadurgarh and Beri. Bahadurgarh was founded by Rathi Jats and formerly known as Sharafabad. It is situated 29 km from Delhi and had developed into an important of industrial center. The total area of Jhajjar district is 1,890 km≤ and its population is 7,09,000.

The Jhajjar town is said to have been founded by one Chhaju and Chhajunagar was changed to Jhajjar. It is also derived from Jharnaghar, a natural fountain. A third derivation is from Jhajjar, a water vessel, because the surface drainage of the country for miles around runs into the town as into a sink.


Bhindawas Bird Sanctuary: is around 15 km from Jhajjar town and is about 3 and a half hours drive from Delhi. The lake and the birds in it are the main attraction of this complex. The Sanctuary is spread over an area of 1074 acres. The peripheral embankment is man made and basically constructed to store the escaped water of Jawaharlal Nehru canal through an escape channel at the time of power failure of Lift Canal System. The Bhindawas lake is being used by the migratory and resident birds of about 250 species.