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Butati is a village in the tehsil of Degana in the Nagaur district of Rajasthan.

Butati is now known as Butatidham. A famous dham of Saint Chaturdassji Maharaj and major place for paralysis effected people because it is believed that if the patient offers seven Parikarma in seven days, he recover from the paralysis.

This is a creative story of Saint Chaturdar Ji Maharaj. Both Chaturdar Ji Maharaj and Gangadas Ji Maharaj are reals brothers. Both went on pilgrim and found gift from god being happy that Shri Chaturdar Ji Maharaj will help to people who got paralise and Shri Gangadas Ji Maharaj help those people who got bite by dog. The temple of Chaturdas Ji Maharaj is situated on Butati to Nimbri Chandawata Road just 1 Km away from Butati bus station. There are many facilities in Mandir. Dependents of paralised man can stay in room nearby temple without fare and also can get other help from commite of temple.