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Samraniya is a village in the tehsil/mandal of Shahbad in the Baran district of Rajasthan.

Samraniya is one of the villages in Shahbad Mandal in Baran District in Rajasthan. Samraniya is located 18.3 km away from its Mandal main town Shahbad, 50.1 km far from its district headquarters Barana and 130 km far from education city Kota. It is 230 km far from its state capital Jaipur. It is also connected with Shivpuri (MP), which is only 90kms away.

Nearby villages of Samraniya with distance are Natai (2.9 km), Kushyara (3.3 km), Dhikwani (6.3 km), Mahodra (7.5 km), and Khatka (8.4 km). Nearest towns are Shahbad (18.3 km), Kishanganj (36.4 km), Baran (47.6 km), and Atru (48.6 km). Samraniya Pin Code is 325217.

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