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Kumbharzari is a village in the taluka of Jafrabad in the Jalna district of Maharashtra.

Kumbharzari village is 10 km away in east direction from Tembhurni town. It is a very beautiful village having its own grampanchayat. The population of the village is about 3300. The village is situated near bank of Purna river. A very big dam named Khadakpurna Prakalp is situated in Takarkheda village, from which water is fulfilling the needs of the village (Kumbharzari). Agriculture is a main occupation of the people. There are two schools in the village namely ZP school and Lumbini Vidyalaya. Lumbini Vidyalaya is 1 km away from the village. School is nature surrounded. Tembhurni and Jafrabad are the nearest towns of the village. Marathi is the mother tongue of the people. Various festivals such as ganpati, lakshmi, dasera, eid, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Jayanti, Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti etc are celebrated in the village happily. Vitthal Rukhmini temple is beautifully constructed and it is at the point of entry of village. There is very beautiful Buddha Vihar in the village. One very big Pipal tree is front of that Buddhavihar. Dhoti-kurta or pant-shirt is common dress of man and sarree is for women. The students from the village are aware by the education. Cricket is mostly played by the youngers. Other games like kabbadi, kusti, kho-kho, vitti-dandu, gotya, koya, dab-dubalya(sur parambi) is commonly played by the childrens. Now the village becoming smart. Overall Kumbharzari is a very beautiful village.