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Nadakuduru is a village in the mandal of Karapa in the East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh.

Green and peaceful village away from Group Politics and communal attacks. It is located on NH-214, 6 Km away from KAKINADA Bus Station and 3 km away from Kakinada Port Railway Station. It is located in Godavari Basin. Population is More than 6,000. Major Panchayat. Major Communities are Koppula velama, Kapu and Brahmin. Major Religion is Hindu. Main Occupation is agriculture. Depending upon Godavari Water. Main Crop is Paddy. Some of the people work in Kakinada Port. It is in Kakinada Rural Assembly constituency and Kakinada Lok sabha constituency. Kakinada is the Second Major Sea Port in the State and East Godavari is the largest district in area and population.