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Deupa Kothar

Deupa Kothar is a village in the tehsil of Teonthar in the Rewa district of Madhya Pradesh.

There are three villages in Deuopa Kothar namely Kashi Nagar Deupa, Old Deupa, and Khatiya. Sarpanch of this village is Smt. Malti Shukla and secretary is Mr. Kripa Shankar Shukla.

There are many schools in Deupa. Most famous people in Deupa are 1. Shri Jadisha Charya Ramayni, 2. Shri Pankaj Kumar Shukla, and 3. Shri Krishna Kumar Shukla. Mr. Vivek Shukla is working as Assistant Engineer in Dubai.

There is a pond present in this village. This village is located near a mountain. There is an old Shankar Temple situated in this village and there is another temple of Mahakal. Hindi is the main language in this village. People also speak local language Bagheli.