Events, Births, Deaths occured on May 9

Historical Events

1408 - Sri Tallapaka Annamacharya was born in Tallapaka (in present day Kadapa district of Andhra Pradesh). He was the official songmaster of the Tirumala Venkateswara Temple and a Telugu composer who composed around 32000 keertana songs.

1660 - Shaiste Khan occupied Maharaj Shivaji’s Lal Mahal and started staying there.

1818 - A Treaty of Perpetual Friendship was signed between the Bikaner ruler and the East India Company.

Famous Births

1540 - Maharana Pratap was born in kolyari, Kumbhalgarh, Juni Kacheri, Pali. He was a Rajput ruler of Mewar. He is famous for his qualities of bravery and chivalry and his fight against Mughal emperor Akbar.

Famous Deaths

There are no deaths.

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