Events, Births, Deaths occured on February 9

Historical Events

2011 - Parents of slain teenager Aarushi Talwar--Rajesh and Nupur--have been ordered to face trial in the murder of their daughter and servant Hemraj more than two years ago after local court rejected agency's closure report.

Famous Births

There are no birthdays.

Famous Deaths

1979 - Balai Chand Mukhopadhyay (pen name Banaphul) died at Calcutta at the age of 79. He is a famous Bengali author, playwright and poet. He is most noted for his short vignettes, often just half page long.

2008 - Baba Amte (Dr. Murlidhar Devidas Amte) died at the age of 94 at Anandwan, Maharashtra. He was a social worker and social activist who worked for the rehabilitation of the poor people suffering from leprosy.

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