Events, Births, Deaths occured on December 26

Historical Events

1925 - Communist Party of India was founded at Kanpur.

2004 - A 9.3 magnitude earthquake created a tsunami causing devastation in India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, the Maldives and other countries killing over 230,000 people. About 18,000 people died in India.

Famous Births

1914 - Baba Amte (Dr. Murlidhar Devidas Amte) was born in the town of Hinganghat in Wardha District of Maharashtra. He was a social worker and social activist who worked for the rehabilitation of poor people suffering from leprosy.

Famous Deaths

1530 - First Mughal emperor Babur died.

1831 - Henry Louis Vivian Derozio was born. He was an Indian poet and assistant headmaster of Hindu College in Kolkata. He was one of the first Indian educators to disseminate Western learning and science among the young men of Bengal.

1981 - Legendary Telugu film actress Savitri (Kommareddy Savitri) was died in Chennai aged 46. She was a versatile actress, director and producer. She had appeared in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi films.

1981 - Former President of India Shankar Dayal Sharma was died in New Delhi at the age of 81. He was the ninth President of India serving from 1992 to 1997. Prior to that he was eighth Vice President of India. He also held the position of Chief Minister and Cabinet Minister.

2011 - Former Chief Minister of Karnataka Sarekoppa Bangarappa was died in Bangalore at the age of 79.

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