Events, Births, Deaths occured on August 10

Historical Events

2012 - Bollywood film "Paanch Ghantey Mein Paanch Crore" directed by Faisal Saif starring Meera, Abhishek Kumar and Kavita Radheshyam was released.

Famous Births

1860 - Pandit Vishnu Narayan Bhatkhande was born at Walkeshwar, Mumbai. He was a musicologist who wrote the first modern treatise on Hindustani Classical Music.

Famous Deaths

1999 - Acharya Baldev Upadhyaya died at the age of 99 at Varanasi. He was a renowned Hindi, Sanskrit scholar, literary historian, essayist and critic. He wrote numerous books, collections of essays and a historical outline of Sanskrit literature. He was honoured with Padma Bushan Award.

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