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Famous Deaths

July 24 - Uttam Kumar (Arun Kumar Chatterjee) died at the age of 53 in Calcutta. He was a prominent Bengali film actor. He is known as Mahanayak (The great hero). He was also a director, producer, singer and music director.

August 17 - Kodavatiganti Kutumba Rao died in Madras. He was also known as Ko Ku, was an exponent of the Telugu literature in the 20th century.

October 25 - Sahir Ludhianvi died at the age of 59 in Bombay. He was a famous Urdu poet and Hindi lyricist who worked for Hindi films. He received Padma Shri.

November 11 - Guru Chenganoor Raman Pillai died. He was a prominent Kathakali artist from Kerala. He was famous for his portrayal of the anti-heroic Kathi roles on stage, and was a palace dancer to the Travancore Maharaja.

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