Events, Births, and Deaths occured in year 1954

Historical Events

March 18 - The members of the executive council and mayors of Pondicherry and seven adjoining communes proclaimed their decision to merge with India without a referendum.

July 16 - I.K. Kumaran took over the administration from the French administrator marking the end of 224 years of French rule in Mahe.

October 13 - India and France, following talks, issued a joint statement announcing a procedure for deciding the status of the French settlements.

October 18 - The elected members of the Representative Assembly and the municipal councillors of Pondicherry and Karaikkal took part in a referendum at Keeloor.

October 21 - An agreement on the de facto transfer of the French territories to India was signed in New Delhi between the two countries.

Famous Births

April 12 - Safdar Hashmi was born in Delhi. He was a Communist playwright, actor, director, lyricist, and theorist, chiefly associated with Street theatre. He was a founding member of Jana Natya Manch. He was murdered in Delhi while performing a street play named Halla Bol.

Famous Deaths

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