Events, Births, and Deaths occured in year 1890

Historical Events

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Famous Births

February 12 - Ambale Ramakrishna Krishnashastry (A. R. Krishnashastry) was born in Ambale, Chamarajanagar district, Karnataka. He was a famous writer, researcher and translator in Kannada language.

April 13 - Ram Chandra Gopal "Dadasaheb" Torne was born. He was the first Indian to make an Indian-language feature film. He made his first film Shree pundalik in 1912, just about a year before Dhundiraj Govind "Dadasaheb" Phalke made his first film.

Famous Deaths

March 9 - Sir Mangaldas Nathubhoy died at Mumbai. He was the Seth or head of the Kapol Bania caste, well known for their thrift and keen commercial instincts.

October 17 - Mahatma Lalon Fakir died in Cheuriya, Kushtia, Bengal (present-day Bangladesh). He was a Bengali saint, mystic, and songwriter. He influenced many people including Rabindranath Tagore.

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1891 Events

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