Events, Births, and Deaths occured in year 1878

Historical Events

Parsees cricket team visited England and won one out of 28 games.

September 20 - Newspaper The Hindu was founded.

Famous Births

February 21 - Mirra Alfassa (also known as The Mother) was born. She was the spiritual collaborator of Sri Aurobindo.

November 27 - Jatindramohan Bagchi was born. He was a Bengali poet and editor.

December 10 - Mohammad Ali Jouhar was born. He was an Muslim leader, activist, scholar, journalist and poet, and was the leaders of the Khilafat Movement. He was the President of Indian National Congress and one of the founders of the All India Muslim League and was also the president of the All India Muslim League.

December 10 - Chakravarti Rajagopalachari (Rajaji or C. Rajagopalachari) was born. He was a lawyer, freedom fighter, politician, and writer. He was the last Governor-General of India. He also held the positions of Premier of the Madras Presidency, Governor of West Bengal, Minister for Home Affairs and Chief Minister of Madras state. He was awarded Bharat Ratna.

Famous Deaths

There are no deaths.
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