Vira Somesvara

Vira Somesvara was a king of the Hoysala empire. He reigned between 1235 A.D. and 1254 A.D. He succeeded his father Vira Narasimha II. During his rule, Hoysalas had complete control on the Cholas and the Pandyas. He occupied Magadai Mandalam, a Tamil kingdom, in1236. He allied with the Chola king Rajendra III, but supported the Pandyas when Rajendra III tried to invade Pandya territory. After defeating the Rajendra III, he again allied with the Cholas against the Pandyas.

Vira Somesvara divided his kingdom between his two sons, Ramanatha who ruled from Kannanur and Narasimha III who ruled from Halebidu. He stayed back at Kannanur with Ramanatha where he was killed in a battle with the Pandyas. He was succeeded by his son Narasimha III.