Vira Narasimha II

Vira Narasimha II was one of the prominent kings of Hoysala Empire. He ruled between 1220 A.D. and 1235 A.D. He succeeded his father Veera Ballala II. His sister was the wife of Kulothunga Chola III. During his fatherís rule, he was sent by his father to support the Cholas against the attacks of the Pandyas. After the death of his wife, his sister who was the wife of Kulothunga III, raised his son Vira Somesvara.

Vira Narasimha gave one of his daughters in marriage to Koluthungaís son who later became the Chola king Rajaraja III. A Hoysala army was stationed at Kanchi to project Chola empire. Rajaraja III defied the Pandyas by not paying their annual tribute. Sundara Pandya attacked the Cholas and defeated them in the battle of Tellaru. Vira Narasimha II himself went to help the Cholas. He defeated the South Arcot chiefs and captured Srirangam. Chola king was again attacked and Rajaraja III was imprisoned. Vira Narasimha sent his commanders Appanna and Gopayya to help him. They reached Chidambaram, routing on their way the Kopperunjinga chiefs who were the allies of Pandya in the battle of Perumbalur. The Kopperunjinga chiefs agreed to set free the Rajaraja III and consider the Cholas a free kingdom. The Hoysalas then escorted the Chola king back to Kanchi. At the same time, Vira Narasimha II himself defeated Sundara Pandya in the battle of Mahendramangalam.

He made Kannanur Kuppam near Srirangam his second capital to keep a close eye over the Tamil country. Kannada poet Sumanobana was his court poet. He was succeeded by his son Vira Somesvara.