Veera Ballala II

Veera Ballala II was one of the greatest kings of the Hoysala Empire. He ruled between 1173 A.D. and 1220 A.D. He succeeded his father Narasimha I by revolting against him. During his rule, Hoysala kingdom became an independent empire. There was also great literary works done during his rule. He built the temple like the Kedareshwara temple at Halebidu and Amritheswara temple in Chikmagalur. Ballala II was married to a Chola princess and also gave his daughter to Kulothunga Chola III.

Maravarman Sundara Pandya invaded the territories to the north of the Caveri and defeated Rajaraja III, son of Koluthunga III and Kulottunga III himself went into exile. Cholas requested the Hoysalas to help them out of this difficult situation caused by the Pandyas. In response to this request Ballala II sent his son Vira Narasimha II with an army to the Tamil country. Vira Narasimha defeated the Pandyas and restored the Chola kingdom. Due to this, Ballala II received the title Cholarajyapratishtacharya.

In 1178, Veera Ballala captured Hanagal and he marched towards Belvola, but he was defeated by the Kalachuri. He occupied Balligavi from the Kalachuri and defeated Chalukya Somesvara IV in 1187. He defeated the Seuna Bhillama V at Soraturu in 1190. He was succeeded by his son Vira Narasimha II.