Sri Gupta

Sri Gupta was the first ruler of the Gupta dynasty. He ruled from 240 AD to 280 AD. The Poona copper inscription of Prabhavati Gupta (daughter of Chandra Gupta II) describes that Sri Gupta as the Adhiraja of Gupta dynasty. During his reign, part of northern or central Bengal might have been the home of the Guptas. Sri Gupta is believed to have ordered the construction of a temple at Mṛgasikhavana for the use of Buddhist pilgrims coming from China.

It is believed that Sri Gupta was a Vysha ruler. Prabhavati Gupta mentions in her Riddhapura copper plate inscriptions that Sri Gupta belonged to Dharana Gotra. The Dharana Gotra was one of the original 18 Gotras of the Agrawals and therefore Sri Gupta was believed to have belonged to the Agrawal Vyshya community.

He was succeeded by his son Ghatotkacha as the ruler of the Gupta dynasty.