Sharad Kapoor

Sharad Kapoor was born 13 February 1973 is an Indian actor, who works in Hindi movies and television. Having debuted in Mera Pyara Bharat in 1994, Kapoor has acted in many unsuccessful films throughout his career, but there were still few that were successful because of the other actors in the film, such as Lakshya and Josh.

Sharad Kapoor was born in Calcutta, India on February 13, 1978. A childhood fan of Amitabh Bachchan, Kapoor joined Bollywood in 1991 as an assistant director of Lakshmanrekha. He made his acting debut in the film, Dastak (1996), Kapoor starred as the villain opposite the debuting Sushmita Sen. Kapoor starred as the lead actor for the first time in his career in Ankhon Mein Tum Ho (1997) opposite Suman Ranganathan. Kapoor began to rise as a popular actor, as he got a role in Khauff (2000). He next starred in Josh, which is his most popular film to date. Throughout his career, Kapoor has acted in many popular films, including Aaghaaz (2000), Jaani Dushman (2002), Kaash..Aap Hamare Hote (2003) and Lakshya (2004). His most recent film was Dahek: A Restless Mind (2007). Of course he is not the lead actor in any of these movies, but he was the main antogonist in the film Josh.