Narasimha III

Narasimha III was a Hoysala king who ruled between 1254 A.D. and 1291 A.D. He was succeeded by his father Vira Somesvara. Vira Somesvara divided his kingdom between his two sons, Ramanatha who ruled from Kannanur and Narasimha III who ruled from Halebidu. During Narasimha’s rule, the Hoysala Empire became weak due to the internal feud between him and his brother Ramanatha ruling from Kannanur. Ramanatha who obtained the southern region in the Cauvery River valley was driven out in 1279 by the Pandyas and he turned against Narasimha. The Seuna attacked Halebidu, but he defeated them and protected his kingdom. He also successfully held the Hoysala frontier in north against Yadava attacks. He was succeeded by his son Veera Ballala III.