Hoysala Vinayaditya

Vinayaditya was a king of the Hoysala Empire who ruled between 1047 A.D. and 1098 A.D. He succeeded as Hoysala king from Nripa Kama II. He was a feudatory of the Western Chalukyan king Vikramadity VI. He brought small Malnad chiefs like the Kongalvas, Chengalvas, Santharas of Humcha Shimoga and the Kadambas of Bayalnadu under control. He was able to brought some small portions of Gangavadi under his control after the Chola occupation of the Gangavadi from the Gangas. He was either a brother-in-law or father-in-law of Chalukya Somesvara I. He was a Jain by faith. By 1062 A.D. Vinayaditya changed his capital from Sosavur to Dvarasamudra which was the capital of the Hoysala till the dynasty came to an end.