The Indo-Sassanians, Kushano-Sassanians or Kushanshas are a branch of the Sassanians who established their rule in the northwestern Indian subcontinent during the third and fourth centuries AD, and later between the sixth and tenth centuries AD.

Shortly after the Sasanian king Ardashir I overthrew the Parthians, he marched to the east and invaded Bactria (circa 230 AD). Under him and his son Shapur I, the Kushans lost the western part of their empire and these provinces in Bactria and Gandhara came under the rule of Sasanian nobles called Kushanshahs. In about 325 AD, Shapur II took direct control of the southern part of the region. In the north, Kushanshah governors retained control until the Kidarites took over. Circa 410 AD, Bactria was overrun by the Hephthalites.