Today in Indian History

1666 - Shah Jahan was died in Agra at the age of 74. He emperor of the Mughal Empire from 1628 to 1658. He built many famous monuments like Taj Mahal and Red Fort.

1666 - Shah Jahan became ill again with strangury and dysentery. He was bed ridden and became very weak. His daughter Jahanara Begum Sahib took care of him. On January 22, he commanded the imperial court to take care of Jahanara and protect her.

1760 - At the Battle of Wandiwash, British general Sir Eyre Coote is victorious over the French under the Marquis de Bussy-Castelnau. This battle was fought for the fort at Vandavasi, now in Tamil Nadu.

1901 - Edward VII of England became Emperor of India.

1901 - Queen Victoria (Alexandrina Victoria) died. She was the Empress of India from 1876 to 1901.

1916 - Shri Harilal Upadhyay was born. He is a Gujarati author, considered as one of the all-time great authors in the Gujarati language. He wrote historical novels, social novels, short story collections, biographies, the great Mahabharat series, children's literature, poems and Plays.

1926 - King Edward Memorial Hospital was inaugurated in Mumbai.

1967 - Dr. Pandurang Sadashiv Khankhoje died. He was a freedom fighter, scholar, agricultural scientist and historian. He was one of the founding members of the Ghadar Party.

2011 - Lt Gen P K. Rath, the senior-most serving officer to be convicted for corruption, has been given a sentence of severe reprimand and two-year loss of seniority by an Army Court Martial.