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Tripura is a state/Union Territory of India.

Tripura is a state in North-east India. The capital is Agartala and the main languages spoken are Bengali and Kokborok. Total area is 10,492 sq km. Tripura used to be a royal state before independence. The Tribal Kings had the title of Manikya and ruled tripura for hundreds of years till its merging with India in 1949. The capital of the Kingdom was based in Udaipur which was known as Rangamati on the banks of the river Gomati in South Tripura. The capital was shifted first to Old Agartala and then the present Agartala in the 19th Century. As a revolt against the monarchic rule, the Ganamukti Parishad movement was launched. The movement was victorious and Tripura was integrated with India. It was heavily affected by partition and its population now consists of Bengalis (most of whom came as refugees from East Pakistan after independence) living side by side with the native tribal population.

Tripura is governed by Left Front. Until 1977 the state was governed by Indian National Congress. LF governed 1978-1988, and then returned in power 1993. 1988-1993 the state was governed by a coalition of INC and Tripura Upajati Juba Samiti.

Tripura is connected with the rest of the country through Assam by Meter gauge railway line extending to Lumding and Silchar. The main railways stations are in Agartala, Dharmanagar, Kumarghat. National Highway 44 connects it to Assam and the rest of India. Agartala Airport, which has flights to Kolkata, Guwahati, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, and Silchar, are the main airport of the state.