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Yamunanagar District

Yamunanagar is a district in the state of Haryana.

Yamuna Nagar district is one of the districts of the state of Haryana with headquarters at Yamuna Nagar town. Distt. came into existence on Ist November, 1989. Its area is 1756 square kilometers, in which there are 655 villages, 10 towns, 2 tehsils and 4 sub-tehsils. Before being named Yamunanagar it was known as Abdullapur. Yamuna Nagar district is bounded by the state of Himachal Pradesh in the north, by the state of Uttar pradesh in the east and south east by the districts of Karnal and Kurukshetra in the south west and by Ambala district in the west.

JAGADHRI is known for utensils industry. Yugandhra and Ganadhari had been demolished by Nadirshah in 1739. The credit of rebuilding this city goes to Sardar Roa Singh in 1783. Slowly it became an important or major centre of metals.


DADUPUR: It is very beautiful and calm canal headworks situated 15 K.M. away from Yamunanagar. Here, Somb and Pathrala river meet the Western Yamuna Canal.

TAJEWALA/HATHNIKUND: These three places are tourist places situated on the road going from Yamunanagar to Paonta Sahib. There is a dam also for irrigation.

KALESAR WILD LIFE SANCTUARY: This place is spread in 11570 Acres area in the lap of lower hills of Shivaliks, situated in the eastern part of Yamunanagar. Mainly the forest has sal trees and Khair, Shisam, Tun, Sain & Amla. In this forest there are many wild animals.

CH. DEVI LAL Herbal Nature Park: Situated in village Chuharpur on the Yamuna Nagar - Paonta road. The mountainous belt of shiwaliks in Haryana has a rich diversity of medicinal plant species.