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Mewat District

Mewat is a district in the state of Haryana.

Mewat district is one of the 21 districts of Haryana state. The district was carved out as the 20th district of Haryana from erstwhile Gurgaon and Hathin Block of Faridabad districts on 4 April 2005. It is bordered by Gurgaon district on the north, Rewari district on the west and Faridabad and Palwal districts on the east. Nuh town is the headquarters of this district. The district has an area of 1859.61 sq km. The district has a population of 10,89,406 (2011 census).

Mewat - Land of the Meos, has its genesis in its tribal inhabitants, the Meo tribals, who are agriculturalist. The area is a distinct ethnic and socio-cultural tract. The Meos, who trace their roots to the early Aryan invasion of Northern India, call themselves Kshatriyas and have preserved their social and cultural traits to a surprisingly large extent, unlike the other tribes of nearby areas. During the regime of the Tughlak dynasty in the 14th century A.D., these people embraced Islam but till today, they have maintained their age-old distinctive ethno-cultural identity. Historically, the region has been extremely turbulent and has been subject to repeated invasions and resultant plundering throughout the post-Vedic period, largely due to the situational peculiarity of the area and the non-sub-jugative attitude of the people. The destruction and devastation over the centuries resulted in backwardness and gross under-development of both the area and its proud people.

Tehsils in Mewat